With the motocross season over for the year and so much riding on what will happen next year, there's a lot to watch out for in the meantime. Not only are riders taking a long look at what they will be doing in the coming year, but also equipment makers are betting a lot on what their offerings will be, especially in light of several new relationships that are sure to take what has gone on until now and cut it off at the knees.

With so much having gone on during this past season and so much focusing on what will happen during the next, it's hard to keep track of who is and was doing what, particularly what they will be doing since this season has given so many of them plenty of options.

Justin Barcia, for example, has shown what he can do to run up front with the 450 class, winning motos this year and leading both races at Pala before being overtaken in the final moments. He will certainly be a threat when he makes the leap to full-time.

Also, Blake Baggett, Ryan Dungey, and Ryan Villopoto have broken all the barriers in the design department for the gear they will wear as they compete in the motocross des Nations for Team USA in St. Jean D’Angley, France.

In the gear department, Sunstar has teamed up with RCH/soaring eagle Suzuki for 2015, so next year should be a great season. Sunstar announced its partnership with RCH/soaring eagle Suzuki, so as of now, it's official that the team will have everything they need to hold a commanding presence in the motocross world.

It will be great to watch the pairings at the Monster Supercross series that kicks off in January.