Even for the most die-hard fan of moto cross there will come a time when it is simply not possible to go out and ride. That’s when a great motocross movie comes in handy. Check out the list of the best motocross movies of all times.

On Any Sunday

Some may say this movie is a bit dated as it was made in 1971, but it is one of those really rare movies from a time when bikes were really, really heavy and men were still real men. Starring Malcolm Smith, Steve McQueen and MertLawwill, the movie tries to answer the timeless question: Why? But even after breathtaking hill climbs, flat trackers and hare and hounds, the film doesn’t even come close to answering that question. And it doesn’t matter. If you’ve ever been moto crossing, then you already know the answer.

Industrial Strength

Some say this is the best motocross movie of all times. Changing the way motor sports movies were made by adding real plots, villains and heroes to the story in addition to amazing race scenes. But this movie also changed the way music is being used to support the drama that is unfolding in front of your eyes. Rather than the stereotypical punk, rock, or hip-hop music the film introduced a more industrial, clean, and instrumental sound.

What If…?

Unlike most other movies this movie focuses on the stories of the riders participating in those fierce competitions and how they live their lives around the tracks. An all-star cast with Kyle Redmond, Kurt BoCasselli, Russell Abbit, Kailub Russell, Mike Laferty, Blake Bakken, Tim Weigand and Taylor Robert will keep you glued to the screen from the very beginning with unbelievable stunts and a riveting soundtrack to highlight the action.

The Great Outdoors II

While this movie really is an example of an old school view of motocross, it is also a classic must-see. The athletic stunts of the riders in this movie are always fun to watch, and even if you haven’t been born into motocross this movie will give you goose bumps. You may also finally understand some quotes you hear from serious riders. This movie is part of motocross history and it should be part of every serious rider’s library.

These are only a handful of the best motocross movies of all times and some really great titles may even be missing. Many of the really good motocross movies aren’t even listed in the Internet Movie Database, so it may be difficult to find movies to watch. Use this list as a starting point and enjoy.