Extreme sports lovers come out in the hundreds every year—not only to enjoy California's sunshine, but also to watch the best in pro series motocross riders tear up track after track to get the title of champion and best in class! Not to mention checking out the gear and the machines.

You do not want to miss these upcoming events held by Monster Energy AMA Supercross, the World Championships in the 250 cc series:

  • Monster Energy Supercross-250SX West 
    Anaheim, Ca., January 3, 17 & 31, 2015
  • Monster Energy Supercross-250SX West 
    Oakland, Ca., January 24, 2015
  • Monster Energy Supercross-250SX West 
    San Diego, Ca.,  February 7, 2015
  • Monster Energy Supercross-250SX West 
    Santa Clara, Ca., April 18, 2015

Old Faces New Races

JDawg is back! Fans of Jason Anderson will gear up to watch another mud-spittin’ race as he makes a jump to the 450 cc series on the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Teamin 2015. Anderson heads off to Europe for the 2014 AMA Motocross series, then it's off to Stockholm Supercross getting tuned up for the 2015 season, sporting that famous Rockstar gear on every track he leaves behind!

Anderson is fully confident he can do some Supercross damage-making history, once again placing Husqvarna on the American motocross scene. He claims "he is the guy to put it on the box." Starting off his first 450 series with a bang, he adds that Husqvarna will help him to achieve this.

Getting Nasty on the Track

Other pro riders hitting some dirt and points are this year 2014 450 class riders dominating the machine, the track and the crowd. Here are a few top earners at the 2014 Red Bull Glen Helen Nationals:

  1. Ken Roczen at 2-2 with 183 points
  2. Ryan Dungey at 3-1 with 167 points
  3. James Stewart at 6-6 with 161 points
  4. Trey Canard at 7-3 with 150 points

Fans, sponsors and diehard racers promote responsible racing and riding. Make sure you have the right gear next time you spot a track to take on, or suit up for a sponsor.