The changing leaves and cooler temperatures aren't just signs that winter is right around the corner. They're also signs that bike season has come to an end. So as you rake the leaves from your lawn, think about taking the necessary steps to safely and appropriately store your bike and motocross gear until spring as well.

Thankfully, storing a bike is relatively simple, so long as you know what you're doing. You can save about $200 by doing it yourself rather than taking it to a shop. Here's a look at some steps to take to pack away your bike for the winter:

  • Stabilize the fuel: You could completely empty your bike's fuel tank, but we recommend that you actually top it off and add a fuel stabilizer. The stabilizer will run through the engine and work to protect it from winter's cold temperatures.
  • Change the oil: Most people do this when they bring their bike back out in the spring. But you should actually accomplish this step before storing it. Why? Because gases have the potential to collect in the oil and become acidic and thereby possibly corrode your engine and engine components all winter. Fresh oil greatly diminishes the chances of this occurring, and this little step to take care of it now can save you lots of money and hassle down the road.
  • Drain the carburetor: A carburetor only holds about 2 ounces of fuel, but it's important to drain it out before winter storage, even if you've already added a fuel stabilizer.
  • Seal off exhaust pipes: Here's a step that you might not have thought about — sealing off the exhaust pipes (should your bike have them). And that's because these pipes are a favorite nesting spot for small critters like mice and rats. So stuff a plastic bag with steel wool, and wedge it into the tailpipes and air intake. Just don't forget to remove it before firing up your bike in the spring.
  • Lube it up: You don't want rust to form during the winter, so use spray chain lube to hose down all your bike's pivot points before storing for the winter.

Following these steps, we'd also recommend that you take a can of WD-40 and lightly coat the bike's engine. This will ensure it comes out in the spring looking good as new.

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