Kenny Roczen is the young German to keep your eye on. He's got the stuff and knows how to win.

He won the 2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. Roczen holds both the title of 450 Class Championship and the number one plate. After proving his merits, he continues to be viewed as an extreme title threat. Kenny Roczen is unstoppable with strength and durability.

Success began early when Roczen won the 2011 FIM MX2 World Champion title prior to his eighteenth birthday. By 2012, the young Mr. Roczen was being recognized as a leader on the American motocross circuit. With determination and grit, his skills were getting attention.

Gaining in momentum, at Unidella Roczen rode tough in the Red Bull KTM team and placed fourth in 250MX points. It was his first season of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship and his first moto career win. The excitement continued with a subsequent win at 2013 Supercross.

Beating worthy opponent Eli Tomas, he won the 250 West Region title in Supercross. He held onto his points through the first eight rounds of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship before defeat came.

Sadly, a crash at Spring Creek prevented Roczen from keeping the red plate, and over the remaining season he was unable to match Eli Tomac. Not accepting defeat, in the following season Roczen picked

up another win at Supercross in the division's first race, and in points he finished third overall.

Fans of Kenny Roczen know that he has earned his way to the top and should have no trouble maintaining his status. MX Sports Pro Racing has a wide audience of spectators and players who often enjoy watching and riding in the extreme sports of motocross including dirt biking and mountain biking.

Motocross evolved from off-road motorcycle racing in the United Kingdom back in 1909 and races were then known as "scrambles." By the 1930s Motocross was growing in popularity; races became international and were known as motocross racing after combining the French word for motorcycle, "motocyclette," with a shortened form of the term "cross country."

The sport grew to include different versions of the event and were held in indoor stadiums. Along with racing to win, riders often displayed aerial tricks along the route. Today, motocross includes outdoor all-terrain racing as well as indoor events held inside arenas.

Motocross racing enthusiasts participate and watch championship races and follow the leaders of this extreme sport with passion. It takes physical strength and endurance to handle a bike and pull ahead of the pack while facing obstacles of rough terrain, hills, and mud. Motocross is a much-loved sport the world over and is considered an extreme racing adventure.