If you love the thrill and excitement of extreme sports, you know that “extreme” fun and competition can mean “extreme” injury. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Just be smart about it. WholesaleMX is a motocross and extreme sport retailer that offers protective motocross gear that can keep you safe while still being extreme.

Motocross referee Mike Quinn said in an interview with Mayo Clinic researchers that the most common injury in motocross is a broken collarbone. Neck braces can help prevent collarbone fractures. Alpinestars Bionic Carbon Fiber (CF) Neck Support (BNS) is among the best neck protection you can buy. This type of neck support is superior to soft neck roll devices due to the protection from compressive impact force.

Protective helmets are critical in motocross. The 2015 Troy Lee Designs SE3 Team Helmet is a moderately priced motocross helmet that offers safety, airflow and comfort. Features to look for in a helmet are impact sustainability and inner shock pad systems as well as good ventilation.

Other common injuries in motocross are broken wrists, broken ankles and skin abrasions. The Allsport Dynamics IMC Wrist Brace offers protection that’s ergonomically shaped for comfort while providing wrist and skin protection. This wrist brace is engineered to limit wrist extension while allowing side wrist movement through the bi-axial, articulating hinge system. To protect ankles, you want a pair of high quality boots. Without adequate boots, a broken ankle can put you down for a pretty long time. Take a look at the Alpinestars Tech 8 RS Boots. This boot is well-made and should last a long time while providing the rider with superior protection and comfort, control and support.

Keep your legs protected with good riding pants that keep pebbles and dirt from being thrown into your skin and boots. Flexibility of your pants is important. A really great pair of riding pants is the 15 Fox Racing 360 Franchise Pants. These pants are made with durable 900D Polyester fabric and allow for unrestricted movement and complete mobility while riding. There’s a double-layer knee system, which features durable inner material with heat- and abrasion-resistant leather outer panels.

Fast and extreme sports can be thrilling, but without the proper protection, you can find yourself very limited pretty quickly. Visit WholesaleMX to see a full line of motocross apparel and protective gear.