He’s known to be unbeatable in bad track conditions; Ryan Villopoto is one of the most talented motocross champions of our time.

There’s been a lot of great riders over the years, but Ryan Villopoto stands as the top 250F pilot rider. He rides for the Monster Energy Kawasaki, and knows how to get the best performance from his quarter-liter motor, as fellow enthusiasts will say.

RV grabbed his first championship in 2006, following a third spot finish in the Western Lites series. In 2007, he backed up that victory with MX and SX Lites championship titles alongside the most dominant Motocross Nations feats in history.

Career Highlights

A notable feature of his 250F career, Ryan scooped the world’s Motocross racers despite his country, bike or credentials. Even his contending American teammates, the likes of Tim Ferry and Ricky Carmichael, couldn’t keep up with this natural talent as he smoked the MXoN occasion. He returned to the center stage in the following year, 2008, to claim yet another title for his country, but that marked his last appearance on the quarter-liter Kawasaki.

In 2008, Villopoto was set to repeat his previous attainments, but fell inches short in the final race. He later got the change to placate his revenge when the series switched outdoors, blitzkrieging the Lites class and clinching his third successive national outdoor title.


In 2009 RV went up the hierarchy and took over for James Stewart to steer the KX450F, but an injury to his knee put him off the seat for a season. Before his injury, RV was poised to make history by becoming the first racer besides Carmichael to prevail in three successive 250F motocross championships, as well as winning the 450 class in his debut season. In 2010 a major crash shattered his hopes of progressing. A broken leg put him off track for the entire season and prevented him from participating in the 2010 Motocross season.

Return to the Circuit

Determination brought back an even stronger Villopoto for the 2011 season. He got podium finishes in almost every race,  claiming his first Supercross championship. Villopoto grabbed three wins, missed the podium only three times and went on to win the AMA Motocross title.

This champ later went on to defend the nation’s MXoN championships in formidable fashion.

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