Carey Hart, one of the pioneers of the motocross world, is about to be inducted into the local hall of fame in Las Vegas, which is where he got his start, racing around in the deserts of Southern Nevada.

Hart, born in 1975, was given his first motorcycle at age four by his father. By age six, he was racing
competitively. During his career, Hart has racked up enough wins and awards to make anyone take a second glance. He was responsible for doing a lot of tricks on the motorcycles that helped the sport to become more mainstream. His claim to fame is attempting a back flip on a 250cc motorcycle within a competition.

The cool factor can be seen in many ways with Hart. He participated in the X-Games and Gravity Games, which allowed him to show off his skills on a bike as well as help take the sport to a new level. He has also been the main event at various events because of his willingness to take risks when performing various tricks.

He retired in 2012, but that hasn’t stopped him from being in demand. He maintains a number of sponsorships that allow him to travel around the country making appearances, endorsing products, and filming commercials.

The Superstar

Carey Hart can be considered a superstar because of the number of fans that look up to him as well as the attitude he has about racing. He’s a daredevil and has broken his arms and legs on multiple occasions. He jumped 75 feet into a brick wall in 2003 during a Tony Hawk tour when a trick went wrong. That human element has earned him more fans because it shows that he is capable of making mistakes just like anyone else.

The superstar aura only got stronger when he married pop music star Pink in 2006. She actually proposed to him at a race. He actually pulled out of the race to go and pick her up, which was his way of saying “yes” to her proposal.

Bio on Carey Hart

Carey Hart is and is always talking about the various races on his Facebook page. He also supports Wholesale MX continuously with his tweets and Facebook posts of products that are available to riders and competitors.

Hart is now retired from freestyle motocross as well as racing motorcycles. He now runs a company, Hart & Huntington Tattoo & Clothing. He is also married to singer/songwriter Pink since 2006, and they have a daughter, Willow, together.