Austin will never be the same once the Summer X Games descend upon the city. From June 5 through June 8, thousands of fans and participants of extreme sports will be in attendance, including some of the top names in the motocross field, such as Massimo Bianconcini, Wes Agee and Beau Bamburg. With the roster of events planned, the event promises to be an action-packed weekend of fun, cutthroat competition.


Fans love freestyle events almost as much as riders love competing in them. On a wild, no-holds-barred course that offers plenty of challenges like kickers and jumps, 10 riders in a starting order run through the course showing off their best tricks. A second run using the same starting order ensures more thrills and excitement. Expect to see plenty of back flips like the ones Mike Metzger made famous 20 years ago.

Best Whip

In order for these motocross riders to come out winners, they almost have to be contortionists. Expect to see invited athletes such as Los Angeles X Games champ Nate Adams use sheer muscle power to twist his bike into unbelievable angles as he tries to snag another X Games Championship.

Speed and Style

With jumps that seem to bend the air right before your eyes and adrenaline-fueled tricks, the Speed and Style event is aptly named. Watch top competitors go head-to-head for the rights to call themselves the champion. With a seeding session consisting of one rider on the course, the best of those will move on to the quarter finals, and finally, to the semifinals, to determine the winner.

This year's Summer X Games promises to be the best yet, with tons of talent and events that showcase the best in motocross. You do not want to miss this chance to see the best in the sport, including the top Wholesale MX accessories, apparel and parts that will have you at the top of your game every time.