Saturday, March 17, 2014, saw James Stewart clinch his 48th title and tie with Ricky Carmichael for all-time supercross victories. A single win in motocross is an amazing feat. The grueling track, pitted with some of the best riders the world has ever known, and obstacles purposely built to offer some resistance may be challenging enough. But crossing the checkers first, let alone win the season, can be somewhat difficult to achieve. Many riders will go through the entire course of their careers without even taking third stand on the podium. Let’s check out some interesting record facts:

Jeremy McGrath: 72 Motocross Wins, the Best All-Time

Yep, that’s right! Although Ricky and Jamie Carmichael are tied at second with 48 wins, Jeremy McGrath, the leader, is well beyond comprehension. With a spread of 24 wins, James Carmichael would need to win every race for the next two seasons to tie McGrath’s track record.

James Stewart and Ricky Carmichael: Most Motocross Wins in One Season

This record is plainly unbeatable in the current motocross environment because there are only 24 races each year. Yes, it means they both won every motocross in a single season. And since one wonderful season isn’t good enough at times, Carmichael did it twice, in ’02 and ’04. Stewart would later repeat this feat four years later, in 2008.

Ricky Carmichael: Most AMA Victories of All Time at 150

This record includes both supercross and motocross wins. Carmichael’s record is bound to stick around for years to come, considering the closest rider is not even in the triple-digit mark. Even if a rider did reach 100 wins, which is actually ridiculous, he would still be only two thirds of the way toward reaching Carmichael’s record.

Ricky Carmichael: Most Laps in One Moto With 39

It may seem like Carmichael is dominating the list of records, but the man isn’t called “Greatest of All Time” for nothing. At the muddy Spring Creek nationals in 2007, Ricky lapped every rider on his way to winning in his most dominant motocross performance ever.

Marty Tripes: Youngest Rider to Ever Win a Supercross

In 1974, at 16 years and 10 days, Marty Tripes became the youngest rider to win America’s Inaugural Supercross at the L.A. Coliseum. Dubbed the “Super Bowl of Motocross,” the event attracted top riders to come and try stadium racing. AMA rules state that a rider must be 16 or older to turn pro, so there’s a very small window for beating Marty’s record.

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