Motocross is a state of mind, and a good trail is one that feeds the need for an adrenalin rush. A unique trail is one that is spontaneous, challenging, and perplexing, but still manages to entice riders to accomplish magnificent feats. The following are three unique MX trails in the San Diego area.

Barona Oaks MX Park

Barona Oaks MX Park is located on the Indian reservation on Wildcat Canyon Road. The trails at this park are spacious and scenic, which provides riders with a relaxed setting for riding without rage. The Barona MX trails twist and turn, but their focus is freedom and beauty. A crafty rider can enjoy endless spins and dirt teasers on such an open land. The park has a calm and friendly overall setting. Spectators do not have to pay to watch practice sessions.

Planet Xtreme Park

Amago Sports Park is now known as Planet Xtreme Park. The dirt on this track is hard packed, which gives riders extra stability. Racers can jump over small tables and one large hill. The park consists of four tracks such as the Pee Wee Track, the Main Track, the Beginner Track, and the Go Cart Track. Planet Xtreme is in Pauma Valley.

Pala Raceway

Pala Raceway MX Park is in San Diego, and it has some extremely wicked features. The main track contains such features as jumping props, high speed riding sections, uphill struggles, and downhill drops. The vet track features areas for advanced tricks that will invoke a “whoop” response. The amateur track has small stunt setups so that new riders can get a feel for MX stunts. Pala is an amazing park that is currently going through legalities so that it can reopen to the public in the near future.

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