Motocross fans like to get up to date information and news. The best place to get motocross news all in one place is Twitter. But with thousands of Twitter accounts, it's a pain to sift through them all. Here are five of the best Twitter accounts for Motocross fans to start following:

1. WholesaleMX

(Insert shamesless plug here.) WholesaleMX has Motocross gear from dirt bikes to apparel from top brands and manufacturers. We offer the latest gear at great prices.

Why you should follow us:we provide information on races. We follow motocross riders and sponsors,which can help you find other accounts to follow for the latest news about upcoming games. We won't spam your feed.Promise.

2. Justin Barcia

Justin Barcia is a motocross rider sponsored by American Honda. He has over 25 national titles and is an AMA SupercrossLites East champion.

Why you should follow him: he talks about many topics from both his personal and professional life. His tweets are funny and engaging. He likes letting his fans know what is going on.

3. Ricky Carmichael

Ricky Carmichael is a highly successful rider with hundreds of wins, many awards, and three gold medals.

Why you should follow him: He updates every day with current news about motocross. His posts are interesting and informative. He even tweets about games he is not involved with. He is passionate about motocross and wants his followers to be as up to date as possible.

4. Suzuki

Suzuki manufactures motorcycles and dirt bikes. Suzuki is a major sponsor of motocross games and offers several teams for riders to join.

Why you should follow them: Suzuki's tweets include games, sports, news, and awesome pictures and videos. They will not spam your feed.

5.TransWorld Motocross

TransWorld Motocross is a popular website for fans. Their website offers news and videos.

Why you should follow them:TransWorld Motocross tweets news about riders, gear, games and deals from motocross stores. This is the go to if you want up to the minute updates on games when you can't watch them.