Extreme sports are a category of activities designed to challenge competitors to execute insane stunts, jumps, and tricks where technique is critical and the experience is adrenaline-charged. The events include motocross and mountain bike performances that leave crowds mesmerized and wanting more.

Motocross events attract the biggest crowds. The circuit tracks, which originally began in the U.K., feature motorcycle racing gone wild. Innovators of the sport began implementing styles without fear; the skills became riskier, and tracks became more dangerous, and the attention grew worldwide. Dress appropriately if you're registered in the event with apparel bySeven Rival. The clothing is designed to look amazing, while offering the most protection possible.

Keep in mind, you don't have to be in the show to dress the part; pick up casual threads from backpacks to beanies to stay up on the current styles for the whole family. The events are held in various locations, so it's best to be prepared and ready for anything that comes along.

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Mountain biking is becoming a live event with hard-core routines and freestyle performers who raise the level of sensation for all spectators with escalated tricks and record-breaking jumps. The tracks range in intensity and are designed to keep riders guessing. The adventure seeker will enjoy events that are tricky, calculated and full of suspense.

Beginning racers can get started with basic equipment that features kids', adults', men's, and women's sizes. TheRockstar brand is always one of the hottest, so we stock up. We carry both dirt bike items and casual items.

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